Men’s Grooming-Shaving Tips and Tricks

Shaving Tips & Tricks
1. Wash the face and hands before shaving to remove bacteria and other pollutants that may be forced into the skin and cause infection.

2. Begin with a warm razor.

3. Do not shave too close. Scraping the skin leaves underlying skin exposed and more susceptible to infection and irritation.

4. Shave with the grain of the beard to avoid cuts, abrasions, ingrown hairs and blotchiness.

5. Never dry shave when using a straight razor. Hair has the hardness of copper wire when it is a stubble and requires excessive pressure to be removed.

6. Use smooth, gentle strokes following the direction of whisker growth. Shaving should gently massage the skin, not stretch it.

7. Do not shave over one area repeatedly. It is better to shave twice a day to keep stubble under control.

8. If you shave twice a day, use an electric razor one of the times to prevent cutting into the skin.

9. Rinse the razor often whilst shaving to prevent hairs from clogging the blades.

10. Clean razors right after shaving to prevent bacteria from growing in the blade area between uses. If an electric razor is preferred, use the cleaning brush which comes with the razor to keep the cutting teeth clean of beard bristles. When shaving with an electric razor, the drier the skin, the closer the shave.

11. If prone to skin irritations and ingrown hair, use an electric razor. Note: it is better to leave removal of ingrown hairs to a professional to prevent more serious infection and scarring.

12. Don’t shave before exercising. The perspiration caused by heat or heavy activity is salty and can irritate just-shaved skin.

13. Don’t rush. It takes at least five minutes to achieve a safe, close shave.